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Thursday, December 6, 2007

this is just lame. is 3:30am and i am STILL up because i have an exam tomorrow in biology. not even a final, just a dang exam on the last day of class. who does that.

this is the latest i've stayed up all's weird. i get to a certain point where i just don't care anymore and i don't even feel tired. but then i remember i have to get up at 8:30 for a dang meeting....LAME!

but the cool thing is i have been downloading a sweet (new-age) worship playlist and it is making me so much happier. just listening to God's promises while i'm studying is making me keep everything in perspective and giving me the strength to keep going.

"in everything you do, work at it as though for the Lord."

...if you haven't heard of it Air 1 positive alternative is an amazing Christian radio station i've discovered this year. it plays all the new alternative Christian music that is just amazing...not lame. i promise. and it has NO COMMERCIALS! instead, it tells sweet news that actually matters or shares a cool verse to just keep you going. you can listen to a live stream online at or in East Lansing it is 95.3fm....

alright...this was a nice little study break. but back to work.

*if it asks for the definition of "gap genes" on my test i'm so writing..."the denim pants you can buy at the Gap"...that's gotta earn me half a point right?...

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