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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

ice ice baby.

back at school this week.
i feel like a 5 year old...i need naps every day now...i get so tired!!!
it is actually making me become way more productive though because i have to get stuff done early because i know i am going to be dead at night and ready to fall into bed...which i have been. so i guess it's a blessing and a curse. what can ya do.

it's been weird being on my own. just adjusting to taking care of myself. it's harder because you are your own cheerleader...when it's hard you are the only one who knows and you just have to tell yourself to keep going, that you can do it. it's so hard sometimes...mornings when i can't even shower....when i can't even rewrap my own leg because i can't reach my foot....that's no fun at all. i asked God if he could reach down there and help me out a little bit...haha. no, im kidding- but that would be sweet.

i hope that anyone who ever has or will go through anything hard has also experienced the light at the end of the tunnel. little glimpses of hope and grace are what keep you going on days like this. thank you god.

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