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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

no matter what the crisis is.

this semester is starting to flyyy by! whenever it gets to be the end of the semester when you realize just how much you have left to do before finals come and classes end is when the time seems to really slip away the fastest.

it has been hard to squeeze everything in that i need to, but the feeling gets worse when i start to feel like everything i finally squeeze in somewhere is half hearted or a lame attempt. i feel like i am late for things, forgetting things and doing things hapazardly way too often.

as a follower of Christ my life should be modeled after His. i may be crazy but i don't think that Jesus was ever smacking himself saying "dang it! i can't believe i forgot that!" or "sorry i'm late guys, my bad." or "crap, i have to run, but here is a few more loaves and fish, sorry guys, less is more!"

in John 1:23, John the Baptist says "I am a voice crying out in the wilderness. I am preparing the way for Christ who is to come." we are also those voices today. we are laying out the red carpet for people to get to God. are we clearing a way that looks appealing? does my lifestyle show the peace that can only come from having a relationship with God and having the Holy Spirit living inside of me?

yeah, sometimes life happens and we have to do the best we can with the time and resources we have. but i am representing God in every single thing i do. i have decided to be a student and a YoungLife leader. i have to work. i am a friend, a daughter and a sister. it doesn't feel like i can be great at all of these things at once, but i just want to feel a satisfaction at the end of the day that i have done what i can with my time.

as a Christian i have accepted God, but have i accepted the peace that he wishes to cleanse my life with? have a handed him my days and planned my time according to His agenda? have i accepted the fact that i cannot be all to all, but that is not what God asks of us. our mission is to show Christ's light to the world. to be that voice shouting in the wilderness, preparing the way for those to come.

in everything you do, do it with all your heart. please the Lord. live in peace.


  1. I hope you ROCK your exam today, Dil!! Sorry I didn't text back - it was a weird day - but we missed you and hope you're doing AMAZING!!
    Love Katie & Hazel

  2. Hi Dilyn!
    My name is Melissa and I came across your blog through the Riv blog page. We're starting a monthly Riv newsletter and including excerpts from Riv people's blogs and I'd love to share this post in one of our newsletters. Definitely don't want to do this if you aren't comfortable with that though - so please email me at and let me know (I looked for an email to try and contact you but couldn't find one.) Thanks Dilyn!