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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

hear you me.

it's been a hard few days. so if you read this just pray for me!

we have been hosting this conference called Grandparents University at Holmes Hall since yesterday. It is basically this really cool thing, where grandparents bring their grandkids to MSU and experience the college life. they stay in dorms, eat cafe food and go to classes scheduled all around campus.

my grandma and grandpa duffey have both passed away now. my grandpa had Parkinson's disease since the year before i was born and it finally claimed his life last May 2008. my grandma died the year before him, March 2007, after deteriorating rapidly within 5 years; dying with Alzheimer's and a few years of Parkinson's under her belt as well.

they were awesome and i know they would have really loved being involved in this conference! it has just been hard seeing all these grandparents all over the place. i just really loved them and wish i still had some chances to spend time with them. i keep tearing up on the job and just need prayer that i don't burst into awkward, unnecessary tears while at work!

take time to tell your family members how much you love them! this time is precious.

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  1. I'm praying for you Dilyn. I know the feeling, and I just pray that your heart can be in peace. Love you, and love your wordle!! So fun :)