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Monday, October 26, 2009

i wish the world could write me a love song.

what would it be about?
would it be sweet and slow?
or fast and bold?

what would the world write to me?
would it be wild and strange?
or the simple chords of a refrain?

i believe there is love in the soul
of the earth.
it is writing to reach us,
touch every heart.
on us the plains of love it is
hoping to impart.

it isn't complex
love isn't just sex
it is more than we hope for
more than we can see.
the world writes while it waits
for our discovery.

am i crazy to hope it?
naive to wish it?
do i deserve a word of courage
or a painful lament?

is it wrong to look harder
and deeper into sounds and
words and hurts and people
and lives?
to much to try?
useless to cry?

sitting silent and still
whispering words carefully chosen
the world waits for me.
it calls out to me.
it hopes for me, prays for me,
shares each of it's days with me.

is it so wrong?
to ask - to pray.
i hope the the world writes a song.
a love song each day.

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