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Monday, March 22, 2010

mock the music.

recently read this post from author Don Miller and it was very funny reading it considering the morning i had. i am currently into my 4th hour at work since 8am following a drive to the detroit airport and back to drop Selma off after her trip to the mitten. that means i have officially been awake for 7 hours and it isn't even noon yet. ugh.

the concept of rest is just so foreign as a college student. you are constantly being dragged through the muck of countless days on end with no sleep and high stress situations, praying for a weekend and then ending up with even less sleep than during the week. it never ends. and so we hear- it never will!

we, as a nation, have worked ourselves into an impossible situation. working more hours than ever before to gain less than before and being less efficient than ever. where are you God! i mean daylight savings hour? give me a whole week extra to reboot!

yet somehow we are pushing through. we are finding just enough rest to sustain ourselves and no more. we are getting just enough little glimpses of rest and hope and peace to calm ourselves down and remember that we are human. we can't do it all. but we are held up by one who can.

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