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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

and i asked God, why?

i just listened to this youtube video.

a child is so wise.
kids know how to love unconditionally.
they see no stereotypes.
they believe in a greater good.
they can see the best in anyone.
they will befriend anyone.
germs don't matter.
it doesn't matter how important you are to the world, if you're a jerk, they don't respect that.
they have a faith that can move a mountain.

how quickly i label myself as an adult and force myself to grow out of these beliefs. i find myself dismissing them as "childish" (in a bad way) and naive. when really...

this is love. pure and simple. love.


  1. aww. i loved that video it really makes you think! and i love you!

  2. can move a mountain, you can move a mountain...