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Monday, April 21, 2008

in with the new.

finals are here...and with it stress and misery. for real yo.

it's like, ok we just got done with winter and being all sad and depressed and now we have to suffer through being inside studying instead of being outside in this beautiful weather...

but this year is a little different. this year marks the end of a year that has completely and 100% changed me. friendships, relationships, family, school, priorities, God....everything has changed. it's crazy because i know that i have learned so much and gained so much experience this year, but it hasn't slowed down enough for me to process any of's like as soon as summer hits it is going to take me a good few weeks to just sift through everything that has happened and make sense of it all.

i am nervous for the future, but even in the last few weeks i have learned how to just hand it over to God and i am losing that nervousness and gaining a sense of excitement and im just getting prepared for what is to come. my life is changing constantly and will be nice to just think through it all. but im not trying to over think things this time...there is only so much you can prepare for. its like i know i have been preparing my whole life for this point. growing in my relationship with God and my parents...learning to say no and stand up for what i more of my whole and real self to's all part of the learning process, but if i never have chances to put all that to the test then what's the point you know?

the future holds a lot of unknown...for me. but one person knows and he has it all under control...

thanks God. <3

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