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Friday, April 25, 2008

knees, jobs, ice cream and 20.

i'm breathing right now.

that's huge considering i have been drowning in homework, group projects and presentations for the last two weeks. but finally i get a few hours break. just to breathe and reflect on the huge changes that have occurred in my life within the past two weeks.

#1. my knee is healing very well. there is still swelling that won't leave and that's the biggest problem right now. the muscles won't strengthen as fast if there is still swelling, so as soon as that stuff is gone we should be good to go! i have two weeks of physical therapy left too which is nuts...usually i would still have one more month at least to go, but this time plans have changed (more on that with #2) and i am ahead of schedule this time :-) my therapist is super sweet though, and last week she offered to write me a letter of rec for PT school! that was so exciting! she talked to me about the interview and application process and it made me get so excited to move on to that part of my life!!

#2. well here is the biggest change that has happened--> I GOT A SUMMER JOB! woo hoo...and not just any summer job- THE summer job that i have had my heart set on since last summer when my summer turned out to be more stressful than the school year. i applied to work up north at Sleeping Bear Dunes in January when they first started hiring because it is my fav place on this earth, so why not spend the whole summer up there?...well i think i talked before just about how it didnt work out. they called me and said they wanted to hire me but couldnt let me leave for camp...haha, there is noooooooooo way i would miss camp!! not for a million dollars.

well last week i got a call from another branch of Sleeping Bear offering me a job. a great paying job. a job that will give me the week off for camp. and a job that i only work M-Th so that I can come home some weekends to hang out with my friends! :-) after just praying so hard for months that God would just provide a perfect opportunity for me, no matter if it was here or up north...he did. it just amazes me all the time how he just comes through. even if it's not what we had in mind, it is better. as much as i am nervous to leave for the whole summer. as much as i am going to miss the heckkkkk out of everyone back at home. i know that this is what i am supposed to be doing this summer. i know it is going to change me in ways i can't even imagine. it will strengthen friendships back home and create new ones up north. it is going to cause me to depend completely on God! i mean how many times do you move out on your own for three months?'s scary, but soooooooo exciting! :-)

#3. was my birthday on wednesday! :-) woo hoo for getting old! i have never really been a huge "it's my birthday!" person. it just has never really been a huge deal to me. i love having an excuse to get together with all my favorite friends, but these past two years especially have just been no big deal birthdays. but that's okay. it's fun to use the day that is supposed to be all about you to remind yourself to think about everyone else. it was a day that just reminded me how blessed i am and how many people truly love me. it makes me grateful and excited for what is to come in the next year! but i DID get to get my favorite ice cream with two of my favorite people :-) ((dairy store coconut chocolate almond! :-)))

**so much is happening in the next two weeks. so much is going to change. but i am just praying that God is preparing my heart and mind for those changes. it's cool knowing i'm not alone no matter what. God is already up north getting it ready for me, he is already sitting next to me in my finals calming my nerves and helping me through them. he has already prepared the way for my relationships and friendships and what he sees is good. so i'm not worried about it.

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