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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

pie in a blender.

so i have always been completely obsessed with cherry pie.

but only that...
you know how some people are obsessed with something everything? like grape everything or something like that? well that is just not for me.

there is this little store up north where my family and i camp every year called the cherry republic. and it is pretty much every food you can imagine + cherries. ok...not EVERY food but there are things like cherry cookies, ice cream, bread, pie, brownies, coffee...etc etc etc.

and everytime we go up there my family thinks i just cant wait to get over there...but really. i dont like anything cherry except pie. that is all! cherry cookies or ice thanks. i hate cherry flavored slushies, cough syrup and Maraschino are the sickest things i have ever laid mouth on. just pie....

but today i tested my boundaries...
at Grand Traverse Pie Company they now make Pie Smoothies...and so when i stepped up to order the cashier talked me into a Cherry Pie Smoothie...and i took the offer.
let me tell was amazing! of course, not comparable to cherry pie itself...but wow was that baby good.

moral of the story: test your boundaries.


  1. we always talk about going to that place. do u like just the fruit? I eat those like popcorn.

  2. I thought you said at Katie's wedding you like Maraschino cherries?!?! apparently not, huh?