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Friday, April 11, 2008

beauty from pain.

so pretty much since my sophomore year of high school i desperately wanted a nose ring. like sooo bad. but of course my parents laid down the law. there was no way their beautiful daughter was going to be tainted with a nose ring. but after years of hint droppings, pointing out other nose rings and sharing "what if" scenarios with them...they finally wore down and day #3 after moving into the dorms freshman year i got it pierced!!

i felt so complete...

haha...not really. but it was so sweet. i was so excited and it added a little adventure that had been missing from my life. but the thing i don't understand how they got it in in the first place. it is called a "nose screw". you would think it would just be a straight post that went into your nose, but has a post and then a weird C shaped "screw" on the end that holds it in securely....but let me tell you it is a ..... not fun thing to try getting out...or IN.

and here in lies my problem. after changing it from screw to post last summer for work i have stayed with post since and it has been heavenly. but the only thing is the jewels keep falling out of finally i went to the place today to get new ones...problem: the only ones that don't fall out easily are the "nose screws"...SWEET!

so i buy them deciding that i can handle it and will eventually get one in. but after coming home and sitting in front of the mirror close to tears of frustration ( i'll admit i actually did start crying, i was so mad)....for 45 minutes...yes, 45 minutes. i successfully got the screw part in...however, it wasn't where it was supposed to be. after a painful 45 minutes the screw just made a new hole for itself in my nose...and it was at this point that i just yanked it out and but my jewel-less post back in and left with a red throbbing nose....

i hate moments like that. seriously...i just want the dang nose ring in but it has to get complicated...and then to top it off i let it put me in a bad mood for like 5 minutes. the whole time i was driving to younglife i was fuming and muttering to myself and getting so mad, but as soon as i pulled up i was like, "dilyn, this is are letting a freakin nose screw ruin your attitude" i got over it. but many times do we let dumb things like that just set us off. i mean, yeah my nose is still tender and i'm less than happy that i just spent that money and can't even use the things...but will go on.

but just in case...if you have any tips on how to get it in...send them my way :-)

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  1. you make me laugh. i cant beleave you made another hole in your nose!! you poor thing!!