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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

don't let this slip away...

i can tell it's one of those weeks that pretty much everyone wants to be over already and it's only tuesday. whether people had crappy weekends with no sleep or fun and they are already wiped out or people have crappy stuff in the future that they are already stressing out about...everyone is just angry at the week and exhausted. including myself...

but tonight i was talking to my friend Coryell about his campaigners talk and it made me reconsider my anger. he is talking about the end of the world and what it will be like when Jesus comes back for us. what Coryell said that i thought was so cool, was that as much as we can try to find out what the signs are and what it will look/feel the end it is going to happen fast..."like thief in the night"...he quoted from the Bible. and it's so true. we can sit around and mutter and complain about each day and talk about how we just want to get through this semester and then we will be nice to everyone again...but we are not guaranteed tomorrow...ever.

so who am i or who are you to treat everyone like crap when you're having a bad day and then just get over it and act nice again when everything in life is going sweet? it is through these hard days and long nights that we have to pull out every ounce of strength and remember we are not guaranteed tomorrow and that means we need to love each other now. today. in the midst of our matter how mad we are. we can't ignore people that we love, we can't distance ourselves from everyone until the storm passes over...we just have to love like there is no tomorrow and live in the moments that each day brings, whether bad or good.

people aren't going to remember you for how nice you were on the sunny sweet days. they are going to remember how you treated them even when your life was crap. and that's a lesson i am learning everyday...


  1. Dilyn, you make the most amazing quotes. :) I'm glad you're my sister.

  2. aww thanks annah :) i'm glad you're my sister too!