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Sunday, May 18, 2008

inspiration from the white lightning pt. 2

well i just got to spend the evening with two of my besttttt friends ever and much of the night was spent playing the iPod shuffle game at kelly's house! :-) so i decided that i wanted to go for a new shuffle top 10 list and see if it is much different than my first one! so here it is...would you be my friend if this was what you knew of me?

1. Still the Same - Bob Seger
2. Jamie - Fairmont
3. Aftershock - Pillar
4. Beautiful Fall - Adam Watts
5. Standard Lines - Dashboard Confessional
6. Bless Me Indeed - MercyMe
7. You - The Afters
8. Chem 6A - Switchfoot
9. Stay Tonight - Matchbook Romance
10. Young & Aspiring - Underoath


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