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Saturday, May 17, 2008

the weight of the world.

well my grandpa duffey passed away yesterday morning. it is such a good thing though. he has had Parkinson's for 20 years now and just wasn't the person he should be remembered as. i never even really knew him as he was. he is the strongest man i ever knew though. even when everyone thought he was going to pass he just kept on living. even when he could no longer do anything for himself, he just kept on smiling. it will be a little darker without him...but he is so much more comfortable now than he ever was here. he is with my grandma again and he is with his brothers and sisters. he has him parents back and he is talking to God....

death is never something that is easy. especially when it comes so much quicker than we expect. sometimes it is easy to accept it, but sometimes it is something we can never forgive. it's easy to think of ourselves and how we are affected by the death of a loved one. but we can't waste time feeling sorry for ourselves.

i am sticking around for a few more days now because of the visitation and funeral. i think im heading up tuesday after the funeral. so wish me luck! im excited for what is to come and i'll try to keep you guys updated on here too :-)

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  1. He really was the toughest person I know. I love how he'd always make jokes no matter what. :) He is missed.