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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

waking up to perfection.

so i have no internet at my house and the library is usually closed by the time i get out of work which makes the whole blogging thing difficult...also i forgot my camera plug in so i can't even upload pictures yet. :-(

but i just want to say i am the luckiest person in the world!
at first i wondered what i had gotten myself into...but each day i am trying new things, meeting new people and just pushing myself to go above and beyond anything i have ever been before. this summer will undoubtedly leave me changed...

it is finally hitting 80 today which is awfully hot to work in...but we get to take a few swim breaks throughout the day now which i can definitely live with :-) i am developing lasting friendships with everyone i work with too...callie and kara are the two girls i work with and two (of the 9) girls i live just one month we have come to feel so comfortable with each other! they are amazing girls and make being up here and away from all my best friends totally bareable. i also work with 7 guys and our work days have just become a ton of fun! we are always joking around and playing dumb little games to pass the time but it feels good to be with so many random people and feel so comfortable. there are people from all over michigan and all over the nation working with me...we are all completely different and yet we are such great friends. it is a beautiful thing to be a part of and something that gives me a greater hope as i will leave and continue in life making new relationships.

besides the people there is the beautiful sunsrets...the stars...the lake...the ice cream :-) there are just so many things i get to do up here that i would never be able to do back much as it stinks to work it is completely worth it and every day that i am up here i am more and more reassured that this is exactly where God wants me to be. i am growing in ways i never thought i would and realizing a lot of things about myself that i'm not sure i would have if i had continued living the "normal" life i have been.

being away is still hard though and i miss everyone everyday.
praying and thinking of everyone always! <3

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