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Sunday, July 13, 2008

love at the core.

well i finally uploaded some pictures from being away! and in doing so realized how much i haven't captured in being up there for 2 months now! (wow...2 months! craaazy)

so hopefully by the end of the summer i will be able to truly portray all that i have seen and experienced in being away!! i am home this weekend to get ready for Rockbridge next week!!! ahhhhhhhhhh i am WAYYYYY TOOOOO EXCITEDDDD! :-) all my friends up north were jealous i got the week off and i had to explain to them that while i will be having more fun than them ;-) i will definitely be way more exhausted than them! pray for strength and rest as i enter this week of insanity!

this is my lovely room :-)

my beautiful friends who came to visit!! :-) gosh i really needed that!

i love taking pictures of the sun so that i can actually look at it! lol

the first clear sunset i got to see! it took about 3 weeks to finally see it!

this is callie and kara! the two girls i work and live with! (there are 9 total girls in our house though)...they are amazing!

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