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Monday, September 22, 2008

if you're listening...sing it back.

in this life it's easy to think
that everything happens, but nothing
comes easy. we give what we can
but we take even more,
there is nothing for certain
but true love at the core.

doubting is easy, for the faint of
heart. without challenge and pain there
can come no true beauty. in the heat of
the battle we must look up above
our Savior is mighty, he prepares us our sword.
he gives no greater weapon; the power of love.

when doubt creeps inside don't let hearts
melt in fear. believe in the Savior
moving throughout us here. find
hope in the power sent from up above,
don't give in to the dark that dances about,
He has prepared us well, for God showed us love.

reach out when it's easy, when your
heart overflows, with the goodness
bestowed by the Savior who knows
your innermost prayers and the bleakest of
hearts. so reach out when you're lonely,
find love in the dark.

there is no greater power and no greater
gift, given us by the Savior, but it's
so often missed. when the feelings we
knew become sadness unplanned,
we must reach for God's love
found curled up in his hand.

when we lay in the palms of the one
who has made us, we can rest in His
love for no one can defeat us.
there is comfort and strength and we
suffer no more for we know that it's
love. He is love at the core.


  1. you both need to sleep more. 1:39 AM after Leadership Weekend?! 5:01 AM Kotarba? I was asleep by 10:30 :)