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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

finding my fire.

spring break is here and with it a mission.

i am over the fact that i am nowhere sweet or warm, but (hopefully) if my car gets fixed in the next 24-48 hours i will have a mini vacation to visit amazing friends in grand rapids and kalamazoo. :)

but anyways...the mission...
i have found that in the last year i have lost my zest for life. im not excited for those things that i used to be so excited for...namely sports and music.

i used to run to the gym almost everyday to get into a pick up game and i would never miss an MSU basketball game or other big one on tv. even things like the superbowl and nba playoffs were on my agenda. this past year though, i haven't played one game of basketball and i could care less about watching sports.

as far as music...i used to spend all my free time surfing the web and finding new bands and great lyrics that describe my life and finding lots of illegal ways to get it to my itunes and ipod. this past summer i filled my 30G ipod and had to reel in my passion by *sniff* deleting some things...over christmas break though my ipod crashed and i had to say goodbye to 3 years of collected music...throw in the fact that my cd drive doesn't work on my computer to reupload music...and lets just say i have been listening to the same few songs for a few months now...

my mission? - rekindling my fires. finding those passions that have been buried for so long and figuring out how to have a love for them again. not to say they have to be the most important things...but i just feel like my life has become boring with nothing to look forward to and nothing to get excited over like concerts, no game day festivities...

i am praying for passion. i feel like i have just let my life be dull. as a christian the number one thing i combat is being a boring christian and i feel like i have become more friends. bring on the adventures, the music and the basketball. i'm backkkkkk...

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  1. Did you purposely post this on 3/11, which happens to be the name of a band (311?)