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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

erin go bragh.

love this day as a half-blood irish gal :)
but hate this day so far as i have been working noon-6pm in the dorms and listening to the insane things that college kids have been saying out loud in front of who knows is a little sampling of some word for word phrases i have heard while sitting here on this beautiful day:

-girl to friend: "...he gave up drinking for lent and i was like 'what an idiot', i mean seriously, i was like 'ok, what are you going to do on st. patricks day?', and he was like 'not drink' and i was like 'ok, what a retard'"

-girl on phone: "...hahahaha, seriously, i was like crap everyone in my class totally knew i was the only one there who was drunk already" - proceeds to trip down the stairs and fall over the curb...

-girl on phone: "is there anything going on tonight? okay well i just need to find something, i have that test friday and i just want to forget about it, i don't even care"

-girl to friend: "god she is so pretty, they are both so pretty."
friend to girl: "okay, yeah but tonight it won't matter because everyone will be pretty!"

*okay it's college, everyone is bound to make a mistake. i mean, that is the essence of it right? get away from rules and make mistakes while you can still get away from it. not...i guess i will never really understand...

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