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Thursday, March 26, 2009

sleep well tonight...

...i will sleep well tonight.
resting in the fact that i am loved.

especially by this boy.
i don't know how i got so lucky. how i got a second shot, but i have the most amazing boyfriend any girl could ask for. getting to fall asleep knowing he would do anything for me. knowing he loves me so much. knowing he is thinking about me and he is smiling.

it is love without having to say a word. the way he treats me, makes me tells of a love much greater than words could find a way to express. it is new. but it is real.

it is one more side of God's perfect love that i get to have revealed in my life. and i know God is so proud of the way he is loving me, because he is doing it exactly how i can imagine my Father himself would. he isn't perfect, but he is honest about his imperfection. he doesn't dwell in things he can't fix, but prays that he can try to. he doesn't wish for more than what he has, but he does what he can and knows that the path he is on is good.

i love a boy who is turning into a man. who is realizing who he is in Christ and standing firm in that. he is someone who holds me accountable for my choices, my actions and my words. he is vulnerable without seeming any less a man. he is honest without hurting me. he leads in a way that is easy for me to follow and to respect. not only me, but his friends, family and the young kids he knows are drawn to him and the way he carries himself. he isn't always a man of many words, but he is always a man of kindness, encouragement and hope.

i will sleep well tonight because i am blessed. he thinks he is the lucky one, but he has no idea that he is shaping everything that i am. :)

1 comment:

  1. What a sweet post.
    It is a true gift when God gives you someone who loves you like that.