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Thursday, May 28, 2009

i'm not over.

*i took this picture when i was visiting kristen and UIC physical therapy school in chicago last weekend. i don't currently own a functional camera, so my phone is the best i have and this was through a window while driving in downtown traffic. so try to look beyond the blurriness :)

i like it because it has the word "shred" in it. ironic.
i work in an office (lame) and we have this hardcore shredder (coughcough) that like annihilates papers...when we have something that we don't want anyone else to see, something that needs to be destroyed so no one else can get their hand on it. we shred it. so when i think of the word 'shred'...i think complete destruction.

funny how people thought killing Jesus on a cross would do the same thing.
by killing him they thought they would end his life and with it all of the crazy things he was saying that they didn't want anyone else to hear. unlike those papers after they are shredded though - Jesus was not destroyed. he could never be ripped to shreds.

and even though he is no longer here on earth. we have been given the sacred document. the Bible. to continue to teach and pass on the information that God had written for us.

it is no secret. there is no way to destroy an everlasting God.

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