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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

a lack of color.

as much as i look forward to summer and the joy and warm feelings it brings. i have come to the conclusion that it is a much more painful time of year when you are stuck inside working all day and cannot partake in the glorious activities that await you out in the fresh air.

instead the only joys i feel are those of cold boring air conditioning and allergies.

greip as i may...i am stuck indoors during this perfect time so that i may be able to pay for and enjoy the cold, hard winter months full of schooling. why does the world seem so against me?...ok...just kidding. i am being over dramatic.

how am i to translate the warmth of the outside world into my heart? so that it may be closer to me as i sit inside. how can i train myself to think beyond the physical pleasures the sun brings and harness the energy through my windows? is there a way to bring summer to the inside world full of poor souls trying to make a living?

in the Bible, the sun is a sign of the end or of the beginning. when important battles were being fought or decisions made - they were made before sunset. when God wanted to kill someone for doing evil - it was done before the sun rose. we are reminded not to let the sun set on our anger or to worship the sun as a false idol. the sun is given power over us - apportioned by God. he placed it in the heavens as a marker, a light and a source of power and energy. that's cool.

i don't really know a lot about language - but i have always wondered at the irony behind 'sun' and 'son'. the sun is something we long for here in Michigan especially. it can change our mood in a snap. it can inspire us to go for a run, walk with a friend, take a vacation, or just be a little bit nicer in our relationships.

calvahomer: "how much more", then ought we to be inspired by the real Son. as much as the sun can effect my day, so should having the Son in it change me too. as much as i want to soak up the sun and get should i want to soak up the Son and grow in wisdom and in stature...

"The city does not need the sun or the moon to shine on it, for the glory of God gives it light, and the Lamb is its lamp."
Revelation 21:23

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