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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

strawberry avalanche.

if you haven't already heard them. i am currently obsessed with the band called Owl City. they are amazing and easy to listen to for days at a time on repeat. over and over. you get the idea.

thought for today:
i get mad way too easily. i need to chill.
work has just been driving me crazy all summer. trapped in an office all day with two very strong willed, strongly opinionated people can make me want to slam my head into the wall. i have always been a good, hard worker, but sometime during this summer i lost my will to be proactive in my job at all.

pet peeve #1 - i hate when people talk over me. just let me finish my statement please!
pet peeve #2 - i hate when people over react to things that just don't really matter all that much and try to make their crisis my crisis.
pet peeve #3 - i hate when people delegate things down to me or treat me like i don't know what i'm doing before they really even give me a chance.
pet peeve #4 - i hate when people don't tell me everything i need to know to do a job well and then tell me halfway through the job.

i just need to get those out and leave them behind me.
God has me with these people in this job right now because he knows how hard this is for me to deal with and i need to get over it. no matter how frustrated i get or how many pet peeves are being hit each and every second of the's not worth it. i am meant for more (according to lamia :)) and i need to see beyond this job and this point of my life.
we are called to live a life pleasing to God. we are called to be witnesses. we are called to be last. to be servants to those around us. being mad and cussing under my breath at the injustice of it all is just a waste of my time. my energy. my life.

get over it dilyn! hollerrrr.

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  1. JOY:


    You are meant for more... according to GOD! Keep an eternal perspective, Dilyn :)