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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

she steals my money, when i'm in need.

there are days when the purpose of life gets obscured somewhere inbetween working, studying, talking, doing chores, sleeping, having fun...

there are moments when you finally believe you have everything under control and at those exact moments are when something happens to remind you that you do not. that the world and the circumstances you find yourself in are bigger than you remembered. that there is more to do than you ever thought.

there are things that creep and crawl their way into my life. that bog me down when i am just hitting my stride. but then, i wait to much. i wait for things to clear up. i wait for the next hole in my schedule. i wait for time, but the truth is, time is flying away a lot quicker than it is showing up.

so how do you change your rhythm and your focus mid-run? when can you find time to make a change when there is non to be found?

in romans 12:2 it is written that we should be transformed by the renewing of our minds.

our transformation will not come from changing the outward things that we do. the people we are around. the job we have. it comes from the inside out. we are changed by the way we think, by the way we problem solve. it doesn't count if you think to yourself how much you wish you life was different, that isn't the renewing of your mind. it doesn't count if you are looking at how someone else lives their lives and want yours to look like it. it means that we must look at the situations that we are already in and change the way we are looking.

to do this i know i must be filling my mind with scripture. the more of god's promises i am clinging to, the easier it is for me to transform any kind of situation by recalling what i have read. the best part about changing your life being mental, is that no one can take it. it is yours alone to guard, to keep, to change.

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