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Thursday, August 13, 2009

a new kind of saga.

so this past weekend i finnnnally finished the Twilight saga. and when i say saga i mean literally, seeing as it took me over a year to finish all four books. i can't say i hated them unfortunately - but they obviously weren't consuming my full undivided attention as say **Harry Potter** would :)

but now i have decided to take on a new kind of saga. one that will be long, but full of fun, adventure and hopefully life giving advice. i obtained the Chronicles of Narnia all in one book from Lamia and the complete works of C.S. Lewis (not including the chronicles) all in one book from my sister today! so i am going to start with the Chronicles (again) and read one book from each alternating! i am pumped and determined to allow leisure reading to stay a part of my everyday life no matter how busy i get!

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