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Friday, September 25, 2009

listen to the silence.

there is a road laid out before me.
a road i am very good at turning around and analyzing, but a road i suck at looking forward to.
i can't always remember where i began. and i definitely have no idea where i am going.
it can be cluttered, blocked off. detoured. a lot.
it can be paved. it can be rocky.

the road i have chosen is narrow.
sometimes it doesn't make sense.
sometimes it feels like i have just gone in a complete circle.
sometimes all i can see is beautiful horizon.
sometimes i am walking towards a sunrise.
some days i am walking into a sunset.

a lot of people cross my road.
walk alongside my road.
some i see going to opposite direction.
some i see standing still.

sometimes i feel like i should run down my road to try and see what lays at the end.
sometimes i am content in walking along with my hands in my pockets.

there are so many things going on with this road, but i think the one thing...the simplest thing...that i always forget. is that i am on a road. i am not lost and wandering in the wilderness. i am not floating in space. i am on a road.
i am going in a specific direction. whether i chose to or not is another story.
but i am purposed. there is a plan laid before me.
for my benefit. for my best interest. to pull forth all my gifts.

i am blessed.

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