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Friday, October 2, 2009

we are peculiar people this i know.

i am officially applied to physical therapy schools all across the country!


it's a weird feeling applying this time. when i applied to MSU it was so normal and i didn't think twice about whether or not i would get in. but now i am used to the fact that most likely i will not be getting in anywhere this year, but that i will have a whole year of possibilities before i reapply and begin the year after...

i am not in the least bit scared about my future right now. and that is awesome! i am so so excited. being so sure that God has a plan for me and that it will be better for me than i can ever imagine is the greatest comfort i could ever have.

i am just so ready to have something to do full time. i do not work well at all when i am devoted my whole self to lots of different activities. i like to think i am good at it, but the thought that i could be going to school full time and that be all is just awesome...

i love to be able to concentrate and succeed. i hate when everything i am doing is so so. it makes me feel like i am failing, like i can't handle things. and i hate that feeling.

i am hopeful for the future and prayerful for the present. i pray that i can be fully present in those things i am wrapping up right now and know that whatever lies ahead is for my good.

plans to give me hope and future. <3

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