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Saturday, March 26, 2011


there is no question this has been the longest and most frustrating year of my life. one year ago i was finishing up classes and getting ready to graduate college and have a "real life" - one year later. i sure hope this isn't a real life! i mean, yeah this is real, but it doesn't feel like what life should be.

it just feels like decisions keep coming up to be made, but whether i make one or not, 5 more choices come up too. it never ends. i never feel like i am totally making the right choice.

but then i look back on what i have already said and i see the word "feel" a lot.
i can't live based on feelings, because those change 30 times a day. i have to live off of the truths that i know. i know God is faithful, i know i have family and friends who care for me and my life and i know i am doing the best i can with where i am right now.

even though i have been praying the same things over and over for a while now, i guess it is a good lesson on persistence and faithfulness.

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