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Thursday, September 22, 2011

your song.

the thing on my mind lately. busyness.

since moving to GR about 3 weeks ago now and still being unemployed the fact that i have a lot more time on my hands these days is an understatement. besides the 7 credits i am taking at GVSU, i have zero obligations. however, i determined that i would not sit around driving myself crazy about being a bum this time. no, i would drink it in.

though - where is the line between rest and sloth? when is it okay to sit around a little extra and when should you be "productively resting"? to me, that means this:

"wow, i have this extra time in my life right now that i will probably NEVER have again. so instead of (i almost just wrote sleeping around, but realized that came out wrong) sleeping extra and doing less, i can "rest" by having all this extra time to pour into my passions that i would otherwise not have all this time for!"

there. now that's my kind of resting.

yes, of course some days i may just want to take a nap or sleep in an hour more. i'm not hurting anyone right!? but in the meantime i should be using that time for meaningful hours in the word. which i have not been doing. how redic for me to be like "oh, well once i have a better schedule i can pencil in some quiet time." how does that make any sense when i have more free time now than ever!!

always excuses.

so today, i have been sipping some nice warm cinnamon apple latte and finally typing on my blog! dreaming of things i want to do and catching up on some reading. next i think i am going to check out the antique shops around here and find some inspiration for our new living quarters and then i am going to sit with the Lord and have a quiet chat. now that's my perfect idea of a "restful day".

what's yours??

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