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Saturday, March 29, 2008

the end of an era.

no more drew neitzel :-(
it's so sad! it's so weird....i remember watching him play his senior year in high school and just being so excited to watch him for the next 4 years at State. and now he's done! and it was a crappy game to end on...i hope people don't let that be their last memory.

it's just weird how things change. how we get older and leave stuff behind.

i was talking to one of my best friends tonight about this...growing up is so necessary, but it's so scary. we talked about how it gets to the point where all you want is just to be able to look ahead in life and have no commitments and no plans and just be able to live free...but that never ever happens. there is always something. i think that's the beauty i always found in summer. it was a breathe of fresh air amidst the chaos and never ending commitments...just freedom. warm, calm...filled with the smells of fresh cut grass and bbq...and the sound of the outdoor basketball courts in full swing. im sad i have to miss out on that part...
summer is when i run, bike, swim and playyyy. but still....that means that this summer is going to be a different kind of breathe. lots of time to sit and think...remember what i am blessed with and look forward to the future.

#11 fo eva and eva :-)

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  1. he gave a lot for msu and will be missed. hopefully playing shooting guard for the past two seasons hasn't turned scouts away from his point guards skills. with that said, im sure we havent seen the last of drew. he's in the 3 point shooting contest haha.

    kalin lucas is fast