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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

this is the start of something.....old.

after rolling out of bed at 7:10am this morning (gaaaaag) i am officially a physical therapy patient. the journey begins again...

it's funny because i LOVE physical therapy. i love the concept of sports medicine and understanding how the body heals. i love that PT can fix things without medicine or surgery...just you learning how to use your body better. it's so great!
....when it's not you they are working on!....

i am getting kind of nervous this time because if i take the job up north this summer it is going to be cutting physical therapy short here (TBC up north) but i hate leaving things...especially when it involves my knee...feeling unfinished. i calculated it out though and if i work my butt off for the next 12 weeks and get my leg strength up then i can be good to go by May 29th!!!! :-)

so that's my goal. i am ready to push myself like never before...i am going after this. im getting closer to running again, playing basketball again, being able to go up north free of guilt, and embarking on this journey that is allowing me to peek inside my future again and learn a ton of cool stuff while im there! it's weird because this time i am actually in college and PT actually is in the near future so it's awesome to be able to ask Ellie what she's doing and why and discuss techniques and timelines...i am journaling my PT this time to just be able to remember my timeline and what i felt when....when it gets hard, when it feels good...stuff like that! so exciting...

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  1. I'm excited for you. If there's anyone that I know that can do it, it's you. Keep me updated.