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Sunday, May 11, 2008

captives come home.

well highlight of my week was getting to hang out with these three beautiful girls on Friday night!! in celebration of courtney's birthday we got dressed up and went to dinner and supposedly a movie, but because it took an hour to find a place to eat we missed our movie time and just ended up going on some random adventures instead :-)

i have just been thinking a lot lately about what i am leaving behind this summer. it still hasn't really hit me i don't think that i am going to be gone and that a lot of other people are going to be gone. and i realized today it's because every time i have ever found myself in this kind of situation where a huge change is about to unfold before's always amazing. it always works out. and God is always present. and so amidst my sadness today and a few goodbyes, i got really excited because while now looking ahead three months seems like forever, it is going to go so fast and it is going to be filled with amazing testimony and stories of faith tested that are going to be so fun to hear and to share when i get to see all my friends again. i know that there will be plenty of long talks on the phone. lots of letters written and prayers prayed. lots of time to think and talk to God. lots of time to enjoy his creation and realize how LUCKY i am to have these opportunities to push myself and test my boundaries. this is the stuff of life...the stuff that we were made to do and to experience.

whether we are staying around home or going off on a great adventure. these times of growth and self discovery are what then further all of our relationships when we are back at home. the things we learn and the stories we can tell build us up and give us conversation for those around us. this stuff is beautiful. it's beautiful to know we are all going to be scattered around the WORLD this summer. but each night we will see the same moon and each day we will see the same sun. we are going to be have little moments all throughout the summer and we aren't going to be able to explain to anyone else, but those moments are going to alter who we are and how we think. it's crazy to imagine all the things that all the people i know are going to go through in just the next three months.

as i count down my final week at home i pray for courage and preparedness to face the challenges, friendships, and beautiful God moments that are going to come my way and the ways of all the people i love. above all else i know that none of us will get through these months alone and so i pray for a strength of heart and of spirit to hold us and to guide us through whatever we are going to come across. <3

"i ask the Father in his great glory to give you the power to be strong inwardly through his Spirit."
*ephesians 3:15*

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  1. So fun. And such a lovely group of girls - I'm so glad you get to know and love them (that picture makes my heart hurt just a teensy bit though - my ministry has changed to being family-centered... but I do miss those girls).
    They're lucky to have you, my dear.