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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

let me remind you my friend to hold on.

so today i received a letter pardoning my from a $100 fine for parking illegally in a handicap space!! yesssssssss.

i love when good news comes unexpectedly. especially in the midst of chaos and bad news.

**please be praying for my grandpa duffey. he isn't doing well and i just hope that his transition from death to life is as comfortable as possible. my grandpa is the strongest man i know, even in his unending weakness...and he deserves the relief that is coming. pray for my family too. that we can serve each other in grief and realize once and for all what really matters in life...that we can learn to love and forgive unconditionally. and always always praise the lord.

also...if you're into illegally downloading music. this is one you have to get.
((One More Day by Jackson Waters))

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