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Monday, January 19, 2009

hot n cold.

"you're hot than you're cold,
you're yes than you're no,
you're in than you're out,
you're up than you're down"

as much as i completely dislike, disapprove of and can't stand Katy Perry i couldn't seem to avoid her today.

i was watching my favorite tv show of all time One Tree Hill online trying to catch up, and the commercial breaks were always an advertisement for her cd, thus these song lyrics are now ringing in my ears.

but the more i have caught myself humming it tonight, the more i have thought through them and how they could possible relate to my life...and not all that surprising, i guess they do.

i feel like i have been wishy-washy lately. like i am starting to get kind of swept along, mindlessly performing daily tasks. one day i'm hot and ready to do it all and the next day i give up and sleep or watch One Tree Hill :)...but really...i am just realizing how far off the mark i am from the person i am striving to often i think i am finally getting there and so i sit back and pat myself on the back, not realizing that while doing so i am sliding back to the place i started from. i can't get lazy, i can't get proud or self-righteous (although a little "me time" is merited once in a while ;) ask for details on that)...i need to continuously be reminding myself to keep my eyes set on the prize...i can't get off track.

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  1. I think we all struggle with this..i know i do. I can actually relate it to almost every aspect in my life...but we are human, dont have all the answers, and easily fall off track. God still loves you, and maybe the hots/colds, up/down, in/out is to develop the way He intended us to be. Each time we always fall back and are reminded of Him. Dil your amazing and I do know this wishy washy feeling will bring something your way.