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Thursday, January 15, 2009

send me on my way.

in the bitter cold that is Michigan right now, i can only think of Lake Michigan in the summer. looking down the beach and feeling completely free. feeling completely content. looking forward to endless possibilities.

it's funny how the winter brings out the worst in us. bitterness, depression, anger, feeling alone, hopelessness, discontent. the list goes on. having to scrape your cars every morning, slipping and falling, facing the frigid wind everyday, getting into car accidents. none of that sounds at all fun or enjoyable.

i'm not really sure how to prevent those things. every year i look forward to winter knowing these feelings are going to come. this point of the year is always the worst, as we are in the dead of things with summer feeling so far away. chores and assignments keep piling up as feelings of cabin fever cause us to get less and less done. new years resolutions crash and burn and we are left with a sense of "there has to be more, it has to get better than this"...

i try to find joy in all things, but it can be hard to find that in the winter. i'm not sure why God created this season and i know there are some people who love it...i mean, i do love a good sled run, but i could handle one day of snow to get my fix. i have to pray for strength everyday just to get myself out of my warm bed and into the cold air...i have to try to find motivation to get bundled up and walk outside against the wind. remind me again why i should stay in Michigan?

it can be hard to find the joy these days, but i know that God wants us to look hard and dig deep for it. he wants us to know that this is the day that he made and we should rejoice and be glad in it. someone has to live here. someone has to face the cold...but i must say, we are rewarded with some of the most beautiful summer days.

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