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Thursday, January 22, 2009

stand up by everyday sunday.

I will stand up now, I will not step down.
I will do my best to wear this crown,
but I need You as You guide me through today.

You wake up out of bed, walk out of your castle,
and then you lift up your head.
When will you wake up
and see it takes more than just you to get through this life.

Going around the town, maybe someone had brought him down.
Different maybe, not the same, everyone thinks.


He’s going out there now, and all the things he has found,
everything around is new.
No more holding back as the crowd looks from afar
Everything he has is You

*i love this song right now. it is so motivated and convicting.
this life takes more than i understand to get through. more than just me.
i need a God who will walk beside me and lead me through it.
a God who will show me the way and teach me the lessons i need.
a God who watches me fail, picks me up and helps me go on.
i choose Jesus.

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