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Thursday, January 29, 2009

she'll pretend that, she's somewhere else...about 2000 miles from here.

los angeles, california = 2,218 miles from lansing, mi

i was looking at plane tickets out to LA the other day. my dream school for physical therapy is Azusa Pacific University and they are having an open house on April 3rd that i would love to go to and see.

lately though it seems like plans just keep changing. i really have absolutely no idea where i will be in a year and a half. in life or in location. a lot can happen...a lot can change. one thing i am sure of though is that God has a plan. i went to a really great Bible study the other night and we started reading James 1 for what seems the bajillionth time, but there were plenty of things i am still finding new ways to look at.

the biggest thing i am trying to remember is that when you aren't really sure what's going to happen next, when you are just having an okay don't have to be perky and happy. that's not what joy is about. being joyful is being honest with those around you and knowing that trials happen, but you have a God with a plan leading the way. taking heart in that promise and continuing on in your day holding strong to it is having joy. you don't have to hide your feelings but you must rejoice in the promises God has made you.


  1. I have a friend that went to Azusa Pacific!

    You know someone loves God a lot when they won't capitalize anything...but they do capitalize 'God'

  2. I like that, Dil. Joy is honest and real - but it has hope in the Lord and that's what makes it cool.
    I hope things all work out!
    (ps. the word verification on this post is "butrot." that makes me laugh)

  3. I think joy is also being content too though. That's something I struggle a lot with, being content where I am. Paul talks about that in Phillipians 4, and I think being content goes hand in hand with being happy.

  4. yeah...i think joy is being content too coryell.

    i think King David is best at portraying joy. a lot of his psalms describe him in utter sorrow and yet he will end in a praise because he knows his sorrows are only temporary compared to the promise for deliverance he has from God.