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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


i just read this really great article. this was my favorite part...

"The tension concerning inept living is inside of everyone, but it's marked by differing levels of intensity and time. Sometimes life moves too quickly and I wonder how much I'm missing. Are the missed moments significant or insignificant? I wish to involve myself in the lives of others more. I wish to show others why I live like I do. Incidentally, I think thoughts like this induce the spirit of ineptness and not doing enough for a life of significance. And ineptness proceeds unworthiness. However, the amazing reality God reveals is grace, this unusual truth: actions will not merit justification. Ironically, justified lives become concerned with good actions, showing others unmerited goodness."

how true. how easy it is for us to start feeling sorry for ourselves and then try to reconcil those negative feelings with pouring into someone else before first realizing how worthy we truly are. <3

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