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Monday, September 16, 2013

coastin on a dream.

i spent my weekend up at the beautiful TimberWolf Lake Younglife camp. if you've never heard of Younglife, you should seriously check it out. i have a link in my "ministries" tab. it was the weekend all the leaders from Michigan get together and spend time in the Word and planning together to kick off a great year of meeting and getting to know and mentor kids. it's pretty incredible what these young adults do for middle and high schoolers who really need positive role models. 

also - my little brother decided to get baptized this weekend while we were up there. 
it was pretty incredible. god works in hearts like we don't even understand!!
it is amazing to me to see my little baby brother growing up and becoming a man of God. 
the ways that we are shaped and molded are perfectly timed. 

iiiiiiiiit's monday. 
just like the old days of long ago, it turns out i have some music for your ears.
i hope you like it!

had to get that Jack in here! his new album drops at midnight!!

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